N.O.T.A. (None Of The Above)

The first step in taking back our elections is adding NOTA to all ballots in all jurisdictions. For one, it’s the only way to destroy the role of gerrymandering in the elections.  Regrettably, most of us don’t understand how this process works, not because we can’t but because it’s a well-guarded part of elections. It’s how who has the power in a region to quickly manipulate the boundaries of voting districts to make sure they can’t lose future elections. It insures that if you attract big money to espouse their beliefs, a candidate can assure them he will stay in office for a long time to affect changes that favor them.

The second thing it does is return the control to the citizens regardless of how much money and special interests attempt to manipulate our policies by throwing money at the candidates they know they control. Expensive campaigning will no longer give those candidates the advantage. We can keep repeating an election until we finally create an environment that anyone can run for office, giving us the opportunity to put people in office who care about their communities, their states and their country.

This may become a site where similar thinkers commiserate about the decline of our freedom in the USA and the erosion of the liberties that have symbolized who we are as a people. Our own Supreme Court, instead of upholding its oath to protect and preserve our Constitution and Bill of Rights, they are a leading cause of their destruction. Or… it may become a site where I create numerous stories, usually humorous or quixotic, about my life.